Teri Weigel

Teri Weigel grew up in the conservative Florida community of Boca Raton and was very sheltered as a child. She attended Catholic school for 12 years while living amidst her 17 cousins in a neighborhood her grandfather owned. Teri was the "happy" middle child between two older sisters and two younger brothers. Her oldest sister become a principal of a grade school, the other sister became a nurse, while one brother works for IBM and the other writes advertising jingles. "I'm the rebel of the family," Weigel says. "I didn't get enough attention."

Teri entered modeling at as a teen, doing her first job for Saks Fifth Avenue wearing clothes for their catalogs. At age 17, she appeared in lingerie. "There was some tension with my family at the time. But after all, it was Saks, and they are a respectable retail department store." She went to New York and signed with a big modeling agency. After appearing in "Seventeen" magazine, she went months without work. "I thought, 'That's it. I'm finished.' But then she got a job modeling in Paris.

Even though accompanied by her high school boyfriend, she felt lonely. After a few months, the guy tired of cleaning hotel rooms while Weigel appeared on the cover of magazines such as Vogue. She traveled alone to Munich. "The Germans were cool. They would work all day and drink all night. I hung out at art museums. I still do that when I travel to big cities?"

The busty brunette then returned to Florida and became Miss Deerfield in 1979. Playboy discovered Weigel through her lingerie work. She took test photos for them in the nude and they called her back the same day she met her future husband Murrill Muglio. Teri had just flown back from Paris for her sister's wedding and Murrill was one of the guys in the band. She fell in love with him immediately. "I never had a thing for rock and roll musicians. I wasn't that kind of girl. I don't drink or smoke or do drugs... But when we met, it was love at first sight. It was like we had been together before and would be together forever. Then Playboy called. I freaked out and said I didn't want to do it. Murrill explained to me that if I wanted something more than catalog print work, that this could be my ticket out of nowhere."

Teri Weigel graced the cover of Playboy's November 1985 issue, and appeared as the centerfold in the April, 1986 issue. Posing naked changed her life. She enjoyed the money, fame and attention. In the late '80s, Teri appeared at times as Jade on TV's Married With Children. She was Al Bundy's fantasy date. Teri also appeared briefly in the B-movies Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988), Cheerleader Camp (1988) and Marked For Death (1990).

Confident that Teri would be a star, her husband Murrill Muglio, who doubles as studio musician and as Teri's manager, lavished money on their Los Angeles home and two new cars. But in August 1990, Teri was injured in a car accident and couldn't work for four months. To make money fast, Weigel, 28 at the time, began doing porn where she earned up to $4000 a day. Her husband performed with her.

Weigel debuted in "Inferno". Teri says, "Producer Fred Lincoln yelled at me because I was too much into it. I can't help it - that's just the way I am. I scream when I fuck. Lots of my neighbors hate me, but fuck 'em. I like sex and I like to fuck and I scream when I fuck. When I have sex, whether it's on camera or not, I go crazy. My whole body seems to come alive. I'm not verbal when I make love, but every pore in my body seems to have a nerve ending."

Film Credits

1 Sacrifice with All Pacino
2 Predator 2 with Danny Glover
3 Masquerade HBO
4 Far from Home with Drew Barrymore
5 Savage Beach
6 Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 with Paul Stanley
7 Marked for Death with Steven Segal
8 Auntie Lee's Meat Pies with Karen Black
9 Innocent Blood
10 Cheerleader Camp with Leif Garrett
11 Night Visitor with Elliot Goule and Michael J Pollick
12 The Banker
13 Sunset with Bruce Willis and Games Gardner
14 Clitch

TV Credits

1 Married with Children
2 Pat Sajack Talk show
3 Palmolive Commercial
4 Comedy Strip Live with Joe Piscopole
5 Talk Host of Fantasy Cafı Satellite Show
6 First and Ten HBO weekly Football Series
7 Over 20 MTV Music Videos
8 Soap Opera's General Hospital, Santa Barbara and Days of Are Lives.
9 Talk show's Hard Copy the dating of Prince Albert. Jane Whitney, Moray Povich and Joan Rivers


1 Fredrick of Hollywood
2 Playboys Magazine and Cover girl the most photographed playmate ever
3 Penthouse Pet and hundreds of other men's magazines
4 Over sea's Modeling. Pairs, Germany, Japan, South America, and countless other Print ads all over the world
5 Burdines Macys's Sack Fifth Ave. etc.
6 Venus swim wear and many other swim wear Ads
7 Poster Girl for Chi-chi's Mexico Beer, Adidas shoes, BC Rich 6 Foot Poster, Harley Davison and many others
8 Ken Markus How to Model and Photograph Video
9 Assorted Calendar and Post Cards from various company's

Singing & dancing

1 Playboys Girls of Rock & Roll in Las Vegas
2 Playboys Girls of Monaco in France
3 Teri Weigel's Bad Girl of Playboy Show

Teri Weigel

HEIGHT     5'7"
DRESS     5-6
BUST     36D
WAIST     22
HIPS     34
SHOES     8-1/2
HAIR     Blonde
EYES     Hazel

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